I am an explorer. A designer. A photographer. A collector of shiny things. A lover of people and animals. A wife. A big sister. A dark chocolate addict. A giggler. A klutz.

I believe peanut butter and bananas were made for one another. I wear flip flops year round. I hike. I think the guy who invented bubble wrap was a mad genius. I love to play in the kitchen. (My latest creation: chocolate chip bacon cookies.)

I share studio space with my left-handed husband. I find inspiration in the handmade and in the patterns, colors and whimsy of vintage design.

In 2010, I left behind a decade of agency life & regular paychecks to start Magpie Paper Works, a hand-lettering and hand-printing studio nestled in the high corn of rural Illinois. If it's fun, fulfilling and collaborative, we're doing it.

You can contact me (or hire me!) by sending an email. Don't be shy -- I'd love to chat!